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Cereal Cookies

posted in Sweets by Kathy Maister

Cereals (which we usually associate with breakfast) are actually a great ingredient to use in cookies and dessert bars. They add an interesting taste and texture and in some cases a bit more fiber to your diet. I’ve just done a video of Rudolf’s Christmas Cookies made with cornflakes.

You may remember this recipe from last year. These Holiday Cookies were such a treat, I had to make them into a video!

Cornflakes add a really nice crunchto cookies. There are tons of cornflake cookie recipes, some which do not even require baking!

Rice crispy bars are a treat that goes back to nursery school. I remember adding all sorts of food coloring to them as well.

Making dessert/snack bars out of granola seems to fool everyone into thinking that this must be a healthy sweet treat. It may indeed be a bit healthier, because of the added fiber, but it is still dessert.

Oats, as in oatmeal is probably one of the most versatile cereals. In addition to it being used to make cookies and bars, it can be used instead of breadcrumbs when making things like meatloaf.

Generally speaking, I have found that the recipes on the boxes of almost any prepackaged foods to be very good and reliable. They have been tested repeatedly before they make it to the box.

I love reading cereal boxes in particular. There is always a recipe on the box to make bread or cookies or used in some way to make an ordinary dessert, special. An old favorite was with Grape Nuts. You would make individual servings of vanilla pudding, layered with sliced bananas and then a layer of Grape Nuts that were mixed with butter and brown sugar. It was delicious! (I wish I could find that recipe!)

What’s your favorite cereal (cookie!)?

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Rachel said:

Hi, Kathy
This is a great cookie recipe but i was wondering if you could show me a recipe to the original chocolate chip cookie?
Your steps are really easy to follow and i love all of your recipes!

Kathy Maister said:

Hi Rachel, That a great idea! In fact I think Chocolate Chip Cookies will make a great video. Thanks for the suggestion!

Rachel said:

Hi, Kathy
THANKS YOU SOOOO MUCHH!! for making a chocolate chip cookie video!! i look forward in making them!!
Ps: I love your site!

Kathy Maister said:

Thanks Rachel! Yes my Chocolate Chip Cookie Video has been a huge hit!

Mamta said:

Hi Kathy,

I tried your Apple crisp and it turned out just like your receipe in the video. I served it without the cream & icecream, when it was hot and everyone just loved it.

Thank you,



Kathy Maister said:

That’s great news Mamta! I am so delighted your Apple Crisp turned out well. (It is one of my favorite desserts!)

Christal said:

Kathy, i love your recipes…i was never really good at coming up with ideas for cooking desers and your recipes are very helpful!!!

Great job!!

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