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No Reservations – Special Invitation from

posted in Lists and Leftovers by Kathy Maister

Would you like to come as my guest to a sneak preview of the new Catherine Zeta Jones movie No Reservations on July 24th?

Warner Brothers recently contacted me at to host a special preview screening of their new film. (This is a first for me and I have to admit it is pretty exciting!)

In return for presenting the event, and filming a recipe from the movie on my video podcast, the producers have offered me some free VIP passes to the event.

I thought it would be great to share the invitations with the local blogging/podcasting community so that we can all enjoy this special sneak preview.

The people from the movie have asked for RSVP’s (ASAP) so they can send you the invitation in the mail. Please reply, with your mailing address to [email protected] no later than Monday July 16th if you would like to join us. If you feel uncomfortable about sending your address, just respond to this email with your full name and we’ll add you to the list at the door.

The screening is being held at the Regal Fenway 13 theater in Boston, July 24th at 8pm. This preview is 3 days before the general theatrical release on July 27th. (There is a chance that the venue could change depending on the response, so if you confirm that you want to go, make sure to check your email just before coming down to make sure that’s still the right place.)

Also, if you know other podcasters or bloggers from the area who would be interested in joining us, please let me know.

Thanks, and I hope to see you there.

Kathy Maister

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