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Valentine’s Day Breakfast in Bed

posted in Breakfast and Brunch by Lisa Freeman

If you want to treat that special someone to breakfast in bed, here are three delicious ideas.

  1. Pancake Passion: From a box mix, or from scratch, pancakes are a breeze to make, and you can use these great non-stick heart-shaped pancake molds ($5) to create a heart silhouette. A side of blueberry or strawberry compote goes beautifully with pancakes. Don’t be afraid to substitute French Toast, or even frozen waffles, if you’re pressed for time.
  2. Elegant Eggs: Fried eggs and a side of bacon is always a hit! You could give turkey bacon a try if you’re trying to keep it healthy.
    Eggs are loved by all, whether you choose to serve them scrambled, boiled, in an omelet , or even in Eggs Benedict. (If you want to make a family Valentine’s Day breakfast, try Sausage and egg casserole, which serves eight and can be prepared the night before.)
  3. Bread Basket Bonanza: A basket of mini muffins, croissants, and fancy breads from the grocery store can make you feel like you’re in a European hotel. Just warm them up and serve! A side of some fabulous jam or jelly and some real butter are all you need for this delicious breakfast.

Make sure that no matter which style you go with, you have some great accompaniments. You can add a wonderful fruit salad, a glass of orange juice or a steaming cup of coffee, and a lovely piece of chocolate for a final treat. Set a single flower on the tray and, voila, breakfast is served.

You don’t need to run out and buy a fancy tray that has legs to serve breakfast in bed! A regular tray or a big platter can work just fine. If it’s too unwieldy to eat in bed, or your darling is crumb-phobic, just serve breakfast at the table. Personally, I’m not picky about where I’m eating when someone else is making breakfast. And don’t forget to include a card or note to tell your love how much you care.

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erin. said:



i just turned sixteen, and i love to cook. i cook and bake and everything.

i have all your videos on my iPod. their fantastic.

me and my boyfriend make your recipies all the time.

hes not much of a cooker, more of an eater. but thats ok, someones gotta eat it. :)

one night, we made the spinach lasagna, with stuffed mushrooms and garlic bread.

it was so good, it was gone in like, 5 minutes, especally the mushrooms. they were just spicy enough to burn your lips a bit, and crunchy from the bacon… i loved them.

good job, your freat.

Kathy Maister said:

Thanks Erin! It sounds like you are well on your way to becoming a great cook! Good Luck and happy experimenting!

annie @ collaboration software said:

I love the bread basket idea! Thank you!

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