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Apple iTunes – “We’re #1″

posted in Applause by Kathy Maister

Welcome i-Tunes!

We have had an extraordinary week at! I would like to extend a warm welcome to the (overwhelming) numbers of new visitors (and subscribers) from Apple i-Tunes. Your support has boosted me up the i-Tunes Top Podcasts Chart! (I’d especially like to thank the viewers in Canada , who’ve made me the number one food podcast there as you see below) I am thrilled and do hope you continue to enjoy

For those just tuning in to for the first time, you should know this site is dedicated to helping beginning cooks. Everyone is welcome, but I’m here to introduce the novice cook to a whole new world of food.

For both the recipes and the “tips and techniques,” I have gone back to the basics.

Some of the many “basic” posts I have done are: How to Make a Hamburger, Deviled Eggs, Cooking White Rice and, of course, everyone’s favorite: my 7 Layer Dip Video.

I hope you find it easy to navigate around the site and discover new favorite recipes as well as old stand-bys.

So welcome everyone and let’s startcooking!

If you are new to startcooking, or are a regular visitor here, please consider subscribing for free.


Scott Sterling said:

Congrats on the success Kathy. Just wanted to say great job on building a fantastic website. I’m a Chef, and it’s great to see the basics displayed so professionally. Nice pictures as well. It is inspirational to see someone who’s passionate about what they do. We need more people like you in our world today. Thanks,

Scott from Prince Edward Island, Canada

Kathy Maister said:

Thanks Scott, you have made my day!

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