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posted in Applause by Kathy Maister

We’re thrilled to say that not only has Guy Kawasaki (one of our favorite bloggers) noticed us and said some very nice things, but that we’ve been included in the food section of his new social media directory

We very happy to be on this page with some of the best food content on the net, and it’s a huge thrill to be included in this directory which is really a guide to all the best content of the day from all subject areas of the internet. There’s something for everyone there – each section of alltop covers the headlines (and blogposts) of the day from many different subject areas ranging from startcooking friendly stuff like moms, health, and photography, to things like news sites and humor sites and even the big “egos” on the internet. Such a fun dinner party!

I’m just thrilled that startcooking got picked! Thanks Guy!

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