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A Father’s Day Feeding Frenzy

posted in Appetizers and Snacks, Main Dishes by Emily Chapelle

Father’s Day is coming up and what better way to honor the special guy in your life (your own dad or the father of your children) than to create a meal just for him? Round up the kids or your siblings and choose one recipe from each section below, and you’ll soon have a perfect supper for your Super Man.

Whet his Appetite with Serious Starters:

  • 7-layer dip is simple to prepare, and Kathy shows us how to do it with the stack of ingredients pictured above. Served with tortilla chips, it will make some very macho nachos.
  • Bacon in the filling makes these stuffed mushrooms (shown below) perfect for your fun-guy (fungi … mushrooms … get it?).
  • Jalepeno poppers are one of the best finger-foods ever, and they’ll be sure to get your favorite guy all fired up for the coming meal! Just be sure you’re prepared to handle the heat.

The Main Attraction:

  • Dancing Chickens, a recipe also known as “Beer Butt Chicken,” is a simple way to grill up some deliciously tender birds! With the combination of beer and the grill, you’ll be sure to make your special guy proud!
  • If you’d rather stay out of the heat and away from the grill, these fall-off-the-bone southern style pork ribs will make any guy drool!

The Starch of the Show:

  • Bring the “bar food” home with homemade potato skins. MaryFred gives you a play-by-play for how to make these delicious treats with no trouble at all!
  • Beer and Brat biscuits are always a big hit with the boys, especially when served up with mustard for dipping.

Even Men Need to Eat their Veggies:

Dad’s Desserts:

  • Every man loves a good apple pie, but you can help yours watch his waistline by cutting out the carbs in the crust. Try apple crisp (above) for a light, delicious finish to the meal.
  • Or indulge your guy with Guinness Chocolate Cake. That’s right, folks. Beer and chocolate, all in one!

If you mix and match using this list, you’re sure to create a man-pleasing meal, whether for Father’s Day, a special guy’s birthday, or a Sunday night football fest!

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