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9 Fantastic Fish & Seafood Recipes To Try

posted in Meat, Poultry and Seafood by Lisa Freeman

People know it’s healthy to eat fish and shellfish, but have all kinds of excuses for not cooking them. However, with these recipes, it’s easy to put fish on the menu!

  1. Zesty Shrimp & Pasta: I adore the blog where this recipe is from, because it has tons of great recipes that are simple enough for novices to tackle. I’ve made this shrimp and linguine recipe several times and it’s just fabulous. When I’m not in the mood for artichoke, I substitute a different vegetable or omit it altogether. Either way, the recipe is great.

    seafood pasta

  2. Baked Mahi: I’m a fan of mahi mahi because it’s versatile, it’s flaky and it’s great for those that don’t like a heavy fish taste. This recipe does justice to mahi in a uncomplicated way.
  3. Seared Halibut: Halibut fillets are usually readily available, and (in most areas) they are reasonably priced. Ripe tomatoes give the fish a bit of tartness and the potatoes make it a hearty fulfilling meal.
  4. Salmon fishcakes: These are fun to make, and even the pickiest fish eater can appreciate them. They are a great stand-in for a crab cake.
  5. Sautéed Scallops in Garlic: This makes a wonderful appetizer if you don’t want to go out with a full-on dinner. Scallops on a bed of salad are perfect when you just want a light dinner or a refreshing lunch. (Try our very own scallops video recipe too!)

    sauteed scallops

  6. Brazilian Fish Stew: The Portugese name of this dish is Moqueca. Coconut milk is the magic ingredient that brings this whole (simple) dish to life.
  7. Mussels Provencale: Mussels are inexpensive, healthy and can be cooked in dozens of different ways but Provencal is my favorite!
  8. Minced Tuna Burger: These burgers are a great spin on beef or turkey burgers. I especially love tuna burgers when the meat is shredded instead of just being the whole block of fish on the bread. It has a better texture, is easy to eat and ends up being much juicier.
  9. Clam Chowder: I’m tossing in a soup here for good measure. People always think chowders are difficult to make, but they’re fairly easy if you find a solid recipe and have some patience. The great thing about chowders is that they tend to taste better the next day, as the soup starts to steep in its own flavor, so it can definitely be made a day ahead.

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Kalyn said:

Great collection of recipes to get more fish into your diet. Thanks for including my scallops recipe, one of my favorites!

Kathy Maister said:

Thank-you Kalyn! Your site, Kalyn’s Kitchen is a fabulous cooking site-with amazing recipes!

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