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2007 Bloggies Nomination For Best Food Blog

posted in Applause by Kathy Maister

I can’t believe it! I just CAN’T believe it! has been nominated for a “bloggie award” in the 7th annual weblog award competition, as one of the five finalists, for best food blog.

I’ve been doing my “happy dance” ever since I found out.

I am truly honored to be in the same category as my fellow nominees.

Here’s how it happened. From January 1, 2007 until January 11, anyone was able to nominate their favorite weblogs. That Monday, 200 randomly selected voters received an e-mail, listing the weblogs that received the most nominations in ten random categories.

They had until January 21 to privately submit their five favorites for each category. The five receiving the most votes became finalists. (I still can’t believe I was one of them!) On Thursday, January 25, the finalists were announced and voting is open again to choose the winners.

Voting is now open to everyone (yes, that’s you) and will close at 10:00 PM EST on Friday, February 2. The winners will be posted on Monday, March 12.

Go check out all the nominees and, of course, please vote for me!

To vote, scroll down to the food category nominees. Then you click the small circle above the image. Naturally, you can vote in as many of the other categories as you wish. (By the way, this is a really great way to discover some fascinating blogs on other topics.)

At the bottom they will ask you to type in some letters (to prove you are not a machine) and then put in your email address. To finish the process, you must click on the email that will show up in your inbox.

Many Thanks!


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Justin said:

Kathy, This is truly amazing. Congratulations. (and of course, we’ve voted already!)

Jon said:

This is an amazing compliment to you. While of course I’ll vote for you (in fact have already done so) – the truth is you have won already. Whatever the result in March, you should take immense and deserved pride in getting this far.

Ps: you loyal readers demand a photo (if not video) of the Kathy Maister ‘Happy Dance’.

Jim said:

Congratulations on your nomination, Kathy! I just recently found out about, and its nomination is well deserved. Good luck in the voting – my vote is already in!

Dotty Human (aka Amanda) said:

Kathy! Thanks for your lovely comment posted on our site… we are as thrilled as you are about being nominated for the 2007 Bloggies! Even better, we now get to discover blogs such as yours – wow, so impressed. I’m going to stop writing now so I can go and have a proper look around your site.
Ta ta for now, Dotty & co…. x

Deborah Dowd said:

What a great blog! And congratulations on the nomination. I think you will be around for a while- great content and photos! Good Luck!

Ian Welsh said:

Sweet! Congratulations Kathy.

Now… about that happy dance…. :)

Shaula Evans said:

Kathy, I’m so delighted for you.

I’m happy dancing over here, too.

(And no, no one’s getting my happy dance on video, either!)

Kathy Maister said:

Thank-you all for your support! My face hurts from smiling so much. On the *happy scale* this is a close second to my wedding day! Cheers!

Namai said:

Congratulation Kathy! Everythings seem to go really fast. Startcooking! just been on internet only 2 months ago! You got my vote.

sparx said:

Yummy – great blog! I will be checking back from now on. Congratulations on the nomination and good luck!!


Tom Gleeson said:

The ’07 Bloggies was the place I found your site from. Just a quick glance at your site was enough to inspire me to start cooking. I think that deserves a vote, don’t you?

Kathy Maister said:

Thank you ALL so very much for your votes! The best part of all of this is being introduced to so many new blogs! Cheers!

Gavin Sheehan said:

Congats Kathy! This is so exciting! Consider yourself voted for and keep up the excellent work.

Eric said:

Amazing Kathy! You are truly derserving of this nomination. Keep up the great work.

Busby said:

Good site – very informative!

kabo said:

Great site!

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