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50 Ways to Use Bacon

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Ahh, bacon! That crispy, chewy, salty and sinful cut of pork we all love.

Bacon has disciples far and wide, some of whom devote entire blogs to it. The Bacon Show, for example, posts a daily recipe featuring bacon; the site “101 Things Every Cook Should Cook” has an entire section devoted to bacon. Heather, of the site “Bacon Unwrapped”, chronicles her adventures with bacon, and “Bacontarian” brings you bacon-y goodness from around the Internet, while “I Heart Bacon” conducts bacon reviews.


For those who’ve spent more time eating it than studying it, bacon is cut from the sides, belly, or back of a pig, near the ribs. It’s the fattiness of the meat that makes it so yummy. After the skin is cut away, the meat is cured, smoked, and sliced. It can be cooked in a pan on the stovetop, in the oven, or in the microwave, until it’s perfectly crisp.

You probably know bacon as the star of the BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, in case you didn’t know), and the bacon cheeseburger. But there are so many other ways we can incorporate it into our diets and our lives! Here are 50 ways to use bacon:

1. Make a good old BLT sandwich, of course.

2. Bacon cheeseburgers will make anyone’s mouth water. Meat topped with more meat? Perfection!

3. Bacon-wrapped tater tots would go perfectly with that bacon cheeseburger!

4. Roast a bacon-wrapped turkey for Sunday dinner.

5. Make delicious bacon pastry slices.

6. Add a punch of flavor to your creamed spinach recipe.

7. Make your own hot bacon dressing to use on lettuce, cabbage, or even potato salad!

8. Entertaining? Whet your guests’ appetites with the bacon-cheese fundido appetizer.

9. Indulge in a bar of dark chocolate infused with the flavor of applewood smoked bacon as a special treat.

10. Maple bacon cupcakes will make your mouth water.

11. And if you liked those, try a bacon chocolate chip cookie with maple cinnamon glaze.

12. It’s not real, southern cornbread unless there’s bacon grease in it.

13. Visit The Plaid Mushroom’s e-shop to smother your lips with bacon lip balm made with real bacon oil, refined from bacon. (The link is to a listing that was reserved for a certain buyer, but contact theplaidmushroom to ask for your own listing.)

14. Join the bacon of the month club to have artisan bacon delivered to your door 12 times a year.

15. The beautiful city of Charleston, South Carolina gives us bacon-flavored cotton candy.

16. Enjoy a bacon martini with any meal.

17. Use bacon to dress up your leftovers for a second visit to the dinner table.

18. Whip up a tasty bacon asparagus quiche with Swiss cheese for dinner.

19. Cook bacon into the shape of cups and fill with lettuce and tomato for a breadless BLT.

20. Stay warm by wrapping a giant fleece bacon scarf around yourself.

21. Even if you’re a vegetarian and/or keep a kosher diet, you can still enjoy the taste of bacon salt, because, as the manufacturers say: “Everything should taste like bacon.”

22. If pork-covered pork appeals to you, you may also enjoy the bacon-wrapped deep-fried hot dog.

23. Trim your holiday tree with joyful ceramic bacon ornaments.

24. Add a new twist to stuffed peppers by wrapping them in bacon.

25. Get the morning off to a good start with beer cheese muffins with bacon cream cheese frosting.

26. Impress your guests with deceptively simple bacon-wrapped “crabette” appetizers.

27. A bacon-y take on an Asian favorite: bacon and bok choy potstickers.

28. Weave and bake bacon into edible placemats.

29. Then, use the woven bacon to augment your grilled cheese experience.

30. The Bacon Explosion is to die for!

31. Bacon and date appetizers will be the hit of your party.

32. Bacon egg salad croissants put a new spin on an old favourite.

33. Then, have a bowl of bacon ice cream for dessert.

34. Then use an actual bacon bandage to cover your own boo-boos.

35. Or wake up to cooking bacon with the bacon alarm clock, which is appropriately shaped like a pig’s face.

36. Add it to your bathroom in the form of bacon-printed toilet tissue.

37. Then, use it to wash up afterward.

38. Bacon popcorn is a deliciously salty, crunchy snack!

39. Try your hand at making your own bacon.

40. Enjoy barbecue-baked beans with bacon alongside your BLT.

41. Cook up a bacon buffet every imaginable party appetizer you ever dreamed about!

42. Corn and bacon chowder sounds like the perfect soup to warm you up on the last chilly evenings before summer!

43. Strawberry bacon spinach salad will make you the star of any potluck.

44. Salty bacon will complement the sweet honey dressing in this imitation crab salad.

45. Try poached pears stuffed with blue cheese and baked with bacon.

46. Or try the same combo of flavors in a pear, blue cheese, bacon pizza.

47. Take a look at this bacon-filled quiche. It’ll really make your mouth water.

48. See who comes out on top with an action-figure wrestling match between Mr. Bacon and Monsieur Tofu.

49. Smooth caramel topped with crunchy bacon: Does that sound delicious or disgusting? Try it and let us know.

50. Try many other bacon dishes suggested by foodnerd, including bacon fluffernutter sandwiches, bacon cups with macaroni and cheese, bacon-pepper-cheese scones, and more!

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jonson roth said:

Mmmmmm. bacon. gurgle gurgle gurgle

KGWagner said:

What an interesting list! Some of this stuff sounds bizarre, but I’ll bet it’s excellent. I followed the “Maple Bacon Cupcake” link to the blog of “Mr. BaconPants”, where I found a video called “How Cheap Bacon is Made“.

While I’m not a huge fan of pre-cooked bacon, it does come in handy if you’re putting bacon in a recipe, such as meatloaf. Keeps you from having to deal with the mess cooking bacon usually leaves you with.

Andy said:

Very impressive! I don’t eat much bacon by itself, but I love it with different foods.

Mosley said:

Thanks for linking my blog. That Bacon Cupcake is so good. I wish I could have one every morning.

You could have also talked about the Harris Grill in Pittsburgh that has Free Bacon Night on Tuesdays. Starting at 6:30 you get free baskets of bacon at teh bar all night.

Its a gressy good time.

KGWagner said:

Mosley –

Wow! Free bacon all night! LOL! I’d end up sick from eating too much fat, and hammered from sitting at the bar all night

That’s an expensive finger food to serve up free all night, but I’ll bet it pays off.

Incidentally “Bacon lover, beer enthusiast, tech connoisseur, and variety commentator”? Sounds like a guy who’s got his priorities straight

Mosley said:


I like to think so… ;)

Life is better with Bacon.

Well you only get about five pieces per basket and they take their time getting you another. But it’s still free bacon so I don’t complain… much. I guess there was a bar in Chicago that did the same thing… they say that’s were the got the idea.

Rick Wolff said:

A controversy over LA vendors selling bacon-wrapped hotdogs, hosted by Drew Carey. http://reason.tv/video/show/392.html

Jeremy (Discovering Dad) said:

I never would have thought of bacon popcorn – sounds interesting! I love bacon!

peter said:

you could also wrap up oytsers with bacon, stick a toothpick through them, and cook them until the bacon is cooked in the oven…delicious

Davie Wavie said:

You forgot the best of all…

now don’t freak out, till you try it…

Peanut Butter and Bacon sandwiches…

Take a bagel, put a nice amount of chunky peanut butter on it then add really crispy bacon (no rubbery fat, all crispy)

It will probably help send you to an early grave, but what a delicious way to go!

vincent said:

Also maple/bacon lolly’s from http://www.lollyphile.com, they are delicious.

Winnipeg Bacon Themes said:

Its amazing the verstatility and effects that you can get from such a readily available , tasty and yet distinctive food source

Bacon is not almost enviable all but itself , but can be the missing ingredient to add that final touch

Canadian back bacon by far is my favorite

Stephanie said:

Wow, so, I didn’t realize that my foray into Bacon Cupcakes (#25) was such a hot topic.
Just don’t use a cup of bacon in the frosting, it’s bacon overload; oh, it is possible.

Not to mention that I can’t bring ANYTHING into the office now without everyone asking me what’s in them.

metalchick666 said:

Anything bacon is good. Even these

HoofHearted said:

What a great reference!! Please feel free to visit us here (http://www.everythingbacon.com/thewetspot/index.php?

) as we seem to share your affinity for the porky crispness.

Food Quiz said:

Pretty tasty looking sammich in the picture, although Im going with #4 tonight

Cold Mud said:

# 20 – Bacon Wrap – there is a ” after the URL /

Great list!

Fortuna Cooks said:

In the case of vegetarians and vegans a suitable substiture can be provided in the form of artifical bacon granules or chips

Handbags Lover said:

Another variation on an Asian dish that I like is the Korean favourite of samgyeopsal where they use pork belly wrapped in lettuce or mint leaves. I use bacon sometimes when I am lazy to slice up the pork belly into thin slices – tastes just as great (they’re both pork anyway!).

Christy said:

Thank you for linking to my shop! my Bacon Balm is flying off the e-shelves… I made up a batch just yesterday so if anyone wants some, shoot me an email. :)

Malathy said:


Forgive for the intrusion. I thought you will be happy to note that I, a vegetarian blogged aboyt this post about Bacon.


KGWagner said:

A bacon-related comic on Stove Ownership

Kathy Maister said:

Thanks Kevin! That was my laugh-out-loud moment of the day!

Dylan said:


Always have, always will.

This stuff is awesome! Thanks for making it :P

Kathy Maister said:

Bacon just tastes like you are sinning! It is too good not to feel like you have to confess after indulging! :)

Metro said:

A real valid point about Southern cornbread that is often forgotten or downright unappreciated is what w as noted above”It’s not real, southern cornbread unless there’s bacon grease in it.”

Aira said:

Thank you soooo much for this. I don’t care if I don’t fit into my juicy couture. I love bacon so much. This is such a great list of bacon recipes.

small home plans said:

Thanks for this list! I really appreciate this! I love bacon so much!

seth said:

Nike post. I love the bacon breakdown, it is one of my favorite foods and I’m bringing my daughter along so she should share my passion for bacon. I just invested in a

Commercial Deep Fryerso I’ll be trying some new stuff soon. I’m not sure what I’ll deep fry with bacon…but I’m sure I’ll figure out something. Texas torpedos perhaps, cheese filled jalapenos, wrapped in bacon, then deep-fried!

Seth said:

Nice post. I love the bacon breakdown, it is one of my favorite foods and I’m bringing my daughter along so she should share my passion for bacon.

Pork BBQ said:

That is a great photo / diagram of the pork meat provided by the animal
Good instructional and self explanatory instructional diagram
Even the pig is smiling

cooking fan said:

OMG, outstanding list! I’ve spent an hour already reading from 1 to 21. Bacon salt martini is a mind blower.

startcooking said:

…served with fried brie and everyone is smiling!

Good & Hot said:

Bacon – good , crispy and served hot
Turn up that furnace – or should I say oven

Good & Hot Oven said:

I second about the good , hot and crispy bacon right out of oven

Rebecca said:

how about chocolates with chopped applewood smoked bacon in them?

Stephanie said:

Not sure I needed any more excuses to enjoy bacon, but the list is much appreciated anyway!

Noname said:

Oh, my goodness, bacon cotton candy? Is nothing sacred?

Though now I wonder if I should get more adventurous with my Bacon Cheddar Dip-maybe add something incongruous, like brown sugar or bubblegum flavor. I might make a hit! LOL

Mike said:

Interesting post!

When we cook chicken the first thing we do is cover the breast with fatty bacon, it keeps the bird moist and also gives extra flavor..

Spooscott said:

Wow Wow Wow! My arteries cry out!! lol! Good thing i’m good at portion control :-). I cant wait to start the experiments! I believe anything with bacon is just good. Yumm!!!

Paul Fregia said:

I love BLTs. I remember I used to eat on every morning, even though I love southern cooking. I used to think about the BLT in the mornings and I would feel good just having one.

I no longer able to get BLTs but I still make them at home. Bacon is just such a wonderful piece of pleasure!

Rada said:

Mushrooms cooked in bacon grease…mmmmm. Not everyone appreciates it, but that’s the best use of bacon ever!