55 Knives

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55 Knives is a collection of recipes, tips and stories from 55 top food bloggers! Nick from Macheesmo has put together this amazing assortment of recipes, in the form of an e-book.

According to Nick, “The 55 Knives book is a collaborative project from some of the web’s top food bloggers in a simple, easy to download format. The authors included in the project were picked not only because of their expertise in the kitchen but also because of their ability to write well about food.

Each of the 55 bloggers (listed below) has a chapter where they have presented one or two of their favorite recipes.

Some recipes will be simple and some might be more complicated (Individual Beef Wellingtons!). Don’t worry though, the complicated recipes will have crystal clear instructions.

In addition to the recipes, each chapter will have a story explaining why that recipe is important to that author. Some of the recipes have been in families for generations and some are newly created. I think you’ll find the stories to be touching, funny, sincere, and above all else, entertaining!”

I am thrilled to be included in this collection! Drawing from my Irish heritage, I chose my Irish Bread and Irish Coffee recipes to be included in 55 Knives.



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The 55 Knives contributors:

The Arugula Files

The Bitten Word Blue Kitchen

Brown Eyed Baker

Carrots ‘N’ Cake

Chez Us

Cream Puffs in Venice

Cupcake Project

Dine and Dish

The Duo Dishes

Elle’s New England Kitchen

Endless Simmer

Ezra Pound Cake

The Food in my Beard

Food Loves Writing

Former Chef

Gabriela’s Kitchen

GoodLife {eats}

Gourmet Fury

Greedy Gourmet

Healthy Delicious

The Healthy Everythingtarian


Joe Pastry


Kath Eats Real Food

La Mia Cucina

Lick My SpoonLocal Lemons


Mango Tomato

Modern Domestic

My Baking Addiction

Nibble Me This

Not Derby Pie

Palate to Pen

The Perfect Pantry

Pete Bakes

Pinch My Salt

Picky Cook

The Purple Foodie

Recipe Girl

The Salty Cod

Savory Reviews

Sippity Sup

Spinach Tiger

Sprouted Kitchen

Start Cooking

Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy


Summer Tomato

Thursday Night Smackdown

Vanilla Sugar

We Are Never Full

Well Done Chef

Congratulations Nick!

For more information, or to purchase 55 Knives, click here.

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Apple iTunes – “We’re #1 Again”

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Wow! We did it! Number 1 in Foods at Apple iTunes!

This is a dream come true and I need to thank the people who helped to make this happen.

Justin Evans and Colin Vernon, owners and senior partners of stresslimitdesign are responsible for the design and development of startcooking.com. Without the whole stresslimitdesign team, startcooking.com would not exist. They really know how to design (and manage) a great site!

Atelier Transfert
Christian Martel is the head of video production and the maker of my videos. We have worked side by side to develop the look, feel and design of my videos, then Christian made the magic happen by combining thousands of photos to my voice over and, voila, the recipe comes alive!

Guy Kawasaki
We all know who Guy is! He has brought quite a bit of attention to startcooking.com, by both blogging about us and sharing with us some of his world famous recipes. Alltop, his new site that acts as a Magazine rack to the best of the blog world, has an introductory video by the startcooking.com team. We are thrilled to have been part of this great project.

Subscribers and Fans
Thank you all for the amazing support your have shown me from the start. I am thrilled to have found such an appreciative audience.

David Maister
Positively none of this would have happened without the total support of David Maister, my editor, my supporter, my husband, my “reason to be”. Without David, my world would not exist.

Thank you all for making my dreams come true!!

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Alltop.com lists startcooking

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We’re thrilled to say that not only has Guy Kawasaki (one of our favorite bloggers) noticed us and said some very nice things, but that we’ve been included in the food section of his new social media directory alltop.com.

We very happy to be on this page with some of the best food content on the net, and it’s a huge thrill to be included in this directory which is really a guide to all the best content of the day from all subject areas of the internet. There’s something for everyone there – each section of alltop covers the headlines (and blogposts) of the day from many different subject areas ranging from startcooking friendly stuff like moms, health, and photography, to things like news sites and humor sites and even the big “egos” on the internet. Such a fun dinner party!

I’m just thrilled that startcooking got picked! Thanks Guy!

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