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While, by design, it is a place which tries to serve the beginner, we welcome experienced cooks who may have different approaches to the recipes and advice we offer here. There’s never just one way to prepare any dish, and we hope that everyone who joins in our conversations will share our goal of trying to be truly useful to the beginner.

With that objective in mind, we’d like to offer the following guidelines for commenting on

Guideline #1 Stick to the Subject

Food and cooking only, please. Let’s not veer off into unrelated topics.

Guideline #2 Common Courtesy

I hope we can be respectful at all times to each other. As the saying goes, we can disagree without being disagreeable. There’s no purpose served in insulting people, let alone using obscenities. (Not even acronyms.)

Guideline #3 Where Possible, Support Your Opinions with Reasons

Together, we’re trying to serve beginners. We don’t want to overwhelm them with hundreds of different ways to make the same dish, unless there’s a reason to offer your variation. Tell the audience why you prefer your version, so you can help them reach their own conclusion.

Guideline #4 One Identity per Person

We have had some unfortunate experience with one person making many comments using several identities. Sorry, but that kind of thing is really not cool.

We welcome any and all comments that further our mission of helping the beginner, but posting comments on is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to remove any comments that don’t follow the basic guidelines, for the simple reason that breaking these basic rules can ruin the experience for others.

Comments on are added automatically without review – unless you break the guidelines. If you do, then your comment may be removed without notice.