How to Subscribe

How Do I Use This?

Let startcooking deliver its videos directly for free to your computer!

Depending on which button you press, you will get different options. If you have iTunes or TVTonic, simply click on the appropriate button and it will launch that program and startcooking will be delivered to you automatically. Whenever we post a new video, it will be sent directly to your iTunes (where you can find it in by pressing the podcast button in your library) or to your TVTonic player (where new episodes appear in your “my channels” column when you open your player).

Don’t be worried that these buttons will open these programs on your computer, they are doing what they are supposed to do, and we promise that we won’t install any spyware on your machine!

Remember to watch regularly, or iTunes will stop getting startcooking and you will have to subscribe all over again!

What’s RSS and How Do I Use That?

RSS delivers content you are interested in directly to you, allowing you to scan updates from websites you’ve selected, instead of having to go directly to these sites. It takes the hassle out of staying up to date by showing you the latest updates of all your favorite sites.

First you will need a program to get the videos with. These will collect and display the stories and videos you select from different sites. To get startcooking, we recommend:

If you have a mac: iTunes (this should be on your machine already)

If you’re more technical, you might want to try subscribing with a regular rss reader like google reader, and you will just get a text notification of when the new videos are available.